Piotr Ciesielski WingaardInvestment director

Piotr joined Momentum as Investment director in May 2020. He is our aquaculture expert, with experience from both Fish Pool, Biomega Group, YoungFish and the London Fish Exchange. He is also TV2's expert commentator on aquaculture.

After graduating from City University in London, he has spent his professional career within the seafood industry in Norway. He has built a broad experience through the entire value chain of salmon. Recent years he has been part of a growth case for a US Private Equity fund, Amerra Capital. His mission in Biomega Group was to drive the growth of the group company, which included leading several projects within M&A, greenfield ventures and joint ventures.

Working in both Biomega and Fish Pool, as well as through his MBA in Economics from NHH, has provided him with a solid toolbox for business analysis, team leadership, presentation and storytelling, and most crucially for driving and implementing projects.